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Want to slice creepy toys? Want to dice mutated unicorns? Want to play as a murder-kitty on a death-dealing hoverboard?

Great news! Gori: Cuddly Carnage is the game you鈥檝e been waiting for!

  • Fast paced, third person hoverboarding carnage
  • A future human world tainted by the Adorable Army
  • Immersive (and CUTE!) environments
  • Adaptable music that reacts to your actions and playstyle
  • Destruction, enemies to slice to pieces and and bunch of things for you to F*** UP!

Follow Gori, F.R.A.N.K. and CH1-P, on their journey to save their own lives and stop the carnage of the Adorable Army and its dark leaders.


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Absolutely loved this demo and cannot wait for the full release!
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help how do i download  it  馃槶


The demo is not available anymore during the development of the full game. Follow us on social medias to get more info about the full game :D

oh okay thanks!


Tried out the game!

would you happen to still have the alpha downloaded

I have the alpha downloaded

omg is there somewhere you can upload it for me?? id really appreciate it




thank you sm <3

whats the key


10/10 game of the year its so fun and incredible and it fits my play style so well i love it and cant wait for the full release how much will it be 


It almost smells like cotton candy underneath all the blood...and sewage, and toxic sludge, and blood, and flesh, and bones, and blood...and cat...


It's freaking awesome. I love the graphics. The playability also is really good. And the sounds and music are perfect. Is there any way to beat the bear?


Awesome! Not in the demo... The bear will always cheat! Thanks for playing :D

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Game is dope man! 馃槑


This game was awesom! so awesome that this was the game I wanted to review first 

I hope I did it some justice!

I gotta say, the promotional pics dont do the game justice. The 3D models give it a very cheap look. and was a put off at first. But after I saw some gameplay on the game festival on the steam page I gave it a try. 

Im honestly really pumped for this game now. This is a great mix of a Tony Hawk game mixed with a beat em up. A combo I never played before.  The music was really good to. I will also add the Ichio version ran a lot smoother than the steam demo for whatever reason. 

All around this is a buy. Hope it comes out soon.

Hi! Thank you for reaching out with your thoughts and opinions! Can you specify what promotional pics that was not appealing to you and why? 

Glad you liked the demo after playing it! :D 

On steam the 3D graphics are good but I personally don't feel like they are strong enough to use as ad material. Maybe a stylized 2D picture with kinda the same idea with Blood and Gore would be more eye catching. But the 3D models arnt very eye catching is all. But im still glad I gave it a chance


Hilarious, clever, gory, unicorns. Totally forgot I had downloaded this, so when I came to play it I had no idea what I was getting into. But I was certainly not disappointed.

One thing I would like to see explored further is the secret areas that you can get to through utilisation of the hover board physics, as I found you can gain a huge amount of height when coming into contact with certain objects or walls in somewhat specific ways. 

Obviously the game has slight issues, mostly just parts of the walls not having collision - the wall by the small rails you have to climb up for the collectable - so extending the walls up far higher than the player should ever be able to get is probably going to help.


Cute and Gore
This game will blow your minds off when you play it!

For an early alpha this is SOILD!

9/10 (Sadly not family friendly but Do your BEST I LOVE IT!)

dude.... freaking awesome game. One of the best indie titles on itch for sure. Sometimes you just need to be a  hoverboarding cat that kills unicorns. My dreams have come true lol. Can't wait for the full release.

Words can barely describe just how utterly, crazily fantastic this game is! It's an absolute rollercoaster of sassy characters, madcap action, hack and slash mayhem and blood-sloshing violence. All headed up by one of the cutest protagonists I think I've ever seen in Gori.

Honestly, I don't think I've ever played anything quite like this. It looks absolutely gorgeous too, the designs of the areas you traverse and the characters you play as and interact with are beautiful. If this is just the alpha, I can only imagine how stunningly brilliant the full game is going to be.

I came to an abrupt halt after a while in the demo though, not entirely sure what my end goal was... I was probably staring it right in the face, to be honest, but I thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Will be 100% keeping an eye on the development of this one!


This game is something else! So much fun, writing is hilarious and completely a unique idea! Really enjoyed playing Gori, game played well and looks awesome too! Keep up the work! :D Game play is below if you're interested :)


I never had so much fun in a  game before. Did 5 runs to get the gold stars XD

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Very sweet game.  Good cinematics, great level design, physics, controls..  It's very good overall, I particularly love the cat noises.. it's not to my taste, but it's beautifully executed and polished.  Also the difficulty level is tuned so that it's challenging (for me) but still doable


Looks so meaty and cool) I'm definitely waiting for this game.  But, please, can you do a Linux version too? 


(why do i want this btw)

i dont have windows :(

make a mac version




Absolutely LOVE this game!

I've played a lot of indie games over the years, and it's not often you come across something new and refreshing like this.

I love how it mixes a skating game with hack 'n' slash, whilst having an almost Borderlands feel to it (the intros and jokes). 
Beautiful graphics (or rather, disturbing ones!) too!

The one thing I could add would be a controller support. It feels like more of a game to enjoy with a controller rather than keyboard (or maybe mine was simply not recognized..)

I'll definitely be following the project, and hope to see more of the game!

I also made a video on my playthrough, hope you'll enjoy it!


Really fun and gorgeous game. I really enjoyed it and had no problems aside from some performance issues in the room with the boss fight. Brilliant idea, excited for the full release


I LOVED this game! You can tell a lot of work went into making it and it is so creative and interesting. I mean, slicing glitter-filled toy unicorns was just so satisfying haha! The graphics, story, voice acting, and especially the music, were on point! Looking forward to the full release!


Absolutely awesome game!! Cannot wait to play more! Put a short video together of some of my favourite moments from the demo but will be uploading my full playthrough in a few days! All the best!


Hi! I tried your game ! :)

I'm amazed on how much work there is behind  this game! And everything is so original , fun and cool! I would honestly love to play the full game! Thanks for sharing such a well made demo too! ^^

(The combo where you smash ennemies on the ground is the most satisfying thing I've done in a loooong time  XD)


I have recently been a video game developer and I can't do anything like this. Awesome. I leave my gameplay of this wonder.


Good game !

eae galera meu pc e meio fraquinho sera q roda


This game is a straight up hack and slash in the most cutest and goriest way possible with great elements of comedy thrown in, with gameplay styles of Tony Hawk Pro Skater, SSX Tricky and No More Heroes (in comedy stylings) and possibly inspired by many more .

 The art style is fantastic with an almost cell shade style of graphics , the game is bright and colourful and very, very red with blood! , it really adds to the futuristic theme and chaos carried throughout the game.

 However , there is one minor issue and that is "grabbing "railings, as sometimes it completely ignores the fact you have pressed the button down to grind on the railing and you fall through repeatedly, other than that there are not any other issues. 

The soundtrack really suits the game and makes you feel like a real badass as you unleash carnage upon the enemy ( kind of the way it feels in Devil May Cry)

It would be really cool to be able to do a few tricks on the rails where Gori does a handstand or an ollie kick while your grinding and maybe being able to customise your board and outfit and blade colours (unlockable in shops as upgrades maybe?)

 Overall the game is very impressive and above all else very fun to play....it will be interesting to see what the full game has to offer once it is released.


i think this game feels like an acid dream but its amazing

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater meets Blinx, Treasure Planet, Dead Space, and Conkers Bad Fur Day. What's not to like?

You've really got something here! Love the Cyberpunk-like ambience. Everything right down to the environment and the cool/creepy sounds! Will definitely buy when you guys have all the details worked out!

I would suggest putting something in the tutorial about when you first encounter a rail tho. It took me forever to figure out that I had to press space a second time to snap to the rail. Other than that, Awesome job! And please keep the slo-mo in. It really helps out a lot when it comes to the fast-paced battles!

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so good. but i mean crazyyyyyyyyyy sick game. you sould enable an option for non-dissapearing corpses or to be able to put them for more time, just an option cause it will probably make fps drops.

Thanks, glad you liked it! :D Haha we'll consider that option! Stacking unicorn bodies... why not


I didn't know what to expect when playing this game but boy was I happy that I stumbled into this. Beautiful graphics, interesting lore and universe, awesome voice over and great combat / game mechanics. Highly recommended and looking forward to full release.!

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this is fantastic i will defently buy this on full relese.

plays like ssx mixed with devil may cry.


Yes, I SURE want to fight creepy toys, and slice mutated, glitter-filled unicorns as a murder-kitty on a Hoverboard!! Currently downloading the game. Hopefully it's not laggy on my weak little laptop. :) I'm excited to give it a try. Looks amazing.




Something  about a space cat chopping up unicorns!! Graphics are a lot like Borderlands and the combos resemble Devil May Cry. I'm enjoying this already! This is a very well polished demo.


nice game!


this game is not for my little sister
1 she loves unicorn's

2 she doesn't know how to play games (sometimes which is sad) 

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